Molded Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer Clay Earrings
Polymer Clay Earrings

Krafty Laddy Molds from Australia and super fantastic and so easy to work with that even my 8 year old can use them with good results.  He pressed the clay into the mold and removed it.  I poked the holes and baked them.  Then we assembled the earrings together.  (Not sure who is going to be the lucky recipient.) The clay buttons were brushed with Jacquard Pearl Ex.  I like to give all my jewelry a quick spray with Krylon Crystal Clear Matte.

To view other jewelry pieces that kids helped to create check out Keri Lee Sereika.

Other clay pieces by Keri Lee Sereika.

Other clay pieces by Niki Meiners.

And fun clay accented pieces by Melony Bradley.

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