Interchangeable Polymer Clay Medallion Ring

EPolymer Clay Ring
Polymer Clay Ring

 Make this interchangeable ring.

This adjustable ring also has an interchangeable medallion that is made with Sculpey polymer clay and painted with Lumiere.  What makes the medallion interchangeable is the super strong magnet placed into the clay before baking. The photo below show the magnet embed in the clay.  The medallion is a mold from the Krafty Lady Molds in Australia.  That link will take you to another project using her molds and a link to her site.  If you are looking for challenge – Polyform holds a contest each month on their FB page.  This month the contest is for rings.  I am going to enter this one.  I might be able to come up with one more before the month ends.

Rear view of clay medallion
Rear view of clay medallion

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