Cast a Scrabble Tile Necklace

Scrabble Tile Necklace
Scrabble Tile Necklace


DIY Polymer Clay Scrabble Tile Necklace

Last year I found a very old Scrabble game at a yardsale for $1.  I am a sucker for the dollar tables and boxes.  I bought the box with the intention of using the letter tiles to use in my crafting.  Last week when I was on my mold making binge, I decided to make some molds of the  Scrabble tiles so that I could reproduce them with clay.  This one is the first in my  set.  I made it for my friend Jen Goode.  She does so much to help me and is always willing to find out the answers to my questions if she cannot answer them herself.




Now if you want to make a necklace similar to this you will need:

Scrabble Tile

Amazing Mold Putty

Cernit Polymer Clay – White

Pinata Alcohol Ink

Fine Line Tee Juice Marker

Silver Pinch Bail by Cousin Corp.

Misc.  black beads and a silver chain.


Make a mold of the Scrabble tile.  Place a bit of clay in the mold and bake according to directions.  When it is cooled off apply alcohol  ink on the tile.  Then fill in the depression of the letter and the number with black marker.  Let dry.  Poke hole in tile and apply pinch bail.  Add it to the chain and embellish the chain as you desire.

Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay
Cousin Corp. Pinch Bail in Polymer Clay


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  1. That came out really well!! I will have to consider making a mold of these too. I made about 50 scrabble tile pendants this past week using the wooden tiles.

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