Hair bow tutorial with Oly-fun fabric

Easy hair bow olyfun

Hair bow to tutorial for little girls.  Or in my case girls of all ages.  I made myself one too.  My hair bow is solid black and I added a rhinestone to it.  But I am not going to take a selfie.  LOL

My daughter likes to help make the hair bows and she is 4.  The fabric- Oly*Fun is really easy to work with and it does not fray.  I let her cut the material to place in the die cut machine and let her crank the machine.  Soon I will let her do the glueing.  But for appearances I did it.

To begin, place the die cut on the Oly*Fun Fabric on the cutting pad and place the die cut with the cutting side down.  Place the top pad on and run through the die cut machine.  (the layers you use will depend on your machine. (please use what the manufacturer recommends)

Remove the pieces from the die cut.
Use a fabric glue or hot glue gun to adhere the pieces together.

kids craft tutorial







Repeat the step for all the layers.

diy hair bow







Add a ponytail holder to the back of the hair bow.

Olyfun with hair band ply-fun







Embellish the center of the bow if you like. I generally like to do so.  My little one loves sparkle just like her mother.

easy no sew hair bow from die cut








Supply List for Oly-Fun hair bow:
Oly-Fun fabric
Fabric glue or hot glue gun
die cut
hair band or hair barrette

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