Shibori shirt dyed Halloween T


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I used the same dying method on this shibori shirt as I did in this SHIBORI SCARF  Tutorial

My son is big into the tie dye look and when we go clothes shopping the only way I can get him involved is to find things that we can tie dye.  It makes shopping much easier knowing he will get what he likes and we can do a  little mother son bonding.  Being the crafty momma I am, I will take any time I can get to craft with my boy.   He would much rather play a video game than do art.   So, I take every opportunity I can to get him involved.  The other art medium I can get him to do with me is polymer clay and when I am baking decorative cupcakes.

Instructions to make the shibori shirt:

  1. To make the shirt you will need wash the fabric but do not dry.
  2. Accordion fold the sleeves.  Fold the center material into thirds, and then fold into three inch sections.  Eventually you will have a 3×6 stack.
  3. Tie the stack with string or use binder clips to clamp the fabric together.
  4. Soak in the dye according to manufactures directions.  I usually use the hottest water available and let it set over night.
  5. Rinse until water comes clear.
  6. Wash, dry and enjoy. (be sure to run a cleaning cycle in your washer before the  next load.)



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