Reusable feminine pads

Reusable feminine pads hygiene products – Yes, we are going there.  LOL While it might sound odd for a craft site to do a post on reusable feminine hygiene products you will soon see that it is a perfect fit.  Our founder Niki Meiners, turned 44 on March 1st and March also happens to be National Craft Month. We saw this as a great opportunity to give back.  So in honor of both we decided to do a little something different.

At 365 Days of Crafts we are all about the reusable and recyclable.  In many 3rd world countries girls lack hygiene products and have to miss school or work because of this natural occurrence each month.  We chose the Days for Girls organization as our charity for this project. They supply the free kits to girls all over the world.  We committed to making 4 complete kits.  (Niki wanted to do 44 but after we started 4 became the go to number.)

days for girls monthly kit

They provide a pattern for the panty sheild and changeable pad.  You can get the pattern from them.  I will day their method and instructions are not the easiest to follow.  But if you want to contribute to them you need to follow their instructions to the T.  Going forward, if we decide to make some for our local community there are changes we’ll make.

These are the materials we used from our favorite manufactures who donated the products to us for this event.

Materials for Reusable feminine pads:

The other materials we used following their guidelines were

  • Prewashed flannel
  • Prewashed cotton
  • basic sewing supplies
  • Air erasable marker and white pencil
  • Scissors

You have to follow their instructions when making their pattern.  These are some images of our gathering.

We traced the pattern on the Shield lining using pen that disappears after a while.

shield liner for reusable feminine pads


Make sure your liner is shiny side up for best results.

Sheild PUL liner

Use a white pencil for drawing on dark fabrics.

how to trace a pattern on dark fabric

Use a white pencil for drawing on dark fabrics.
reusable panty linerThis is what a reusable panty liner looks like when completed.  We used the Dritz snap tool and and snaps. They were very easy to use.  Now that we know how to insert the we will be using a lot more snaps.

flannel panty liner

These are the reusable flannels pad inserts.  They fit inside the panty liners. The image below is our little band of merry makers that worked on the good.  Thanks to everyone for donating the time and the supplies.  Hopefully we make a difference in the lives of 4 girls.

days for girls night in

Don’t forget to get your instructions and pattern from Days for Girls .

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    1. Go to for both the patterns and instructions. Look for a Days for Girls chapter or Team near you, they can help you and you can join a great band of women and a few men, who make hundreds of kits for hundreds of girls in 101 nations on 6 continents. Restoring dignity and worth to girls, keeping them in school longer can improve a whole community. Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

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