Recycled Wine Bottle Art

recycled wine bottle craft
If you are anything like me, you like projects that require the most basic of supplies including a recycled item. These Recycled Wine Bottles are works of art with so many possibilities for customization.

Supplies for Creating Recycled Wine Bottle Art

Basically, you will need items you probably have around your home:

  • Recycled glass item- I used various sizes of wine bottles, but glass jars, old flower vases or other glass surfaces will work.
  • Cotton twine- I used about a half of a regular sized ball of basic cotton twine to complete three bottles
  • Tacky glue- Used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue.
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint- I used both a gloss and a matte finish. Colors used in my Recycled Wine Bottle Art are Gloss Blue Ocean Breeze, Gloss Blue Gum Drop and Semi-Gloss White.
  • Cotton swabs
  • Scissors

Instructions for Recycled Wine Bottle Art:

The first step is to gather your wine bottles and remove the labels and adhesive by scrubbing the bottle with a bristle brush or steel wool under hot water.
Scrubbing off labels (2)
Dry the bottles thoroughly, and you are ready to begin creating wine bottle art. Decide on a basic pattern or theme. For the white bottle, I decided to create a fairly elaborate pattern.  Simpler patterns such as forming a word or simple hearts, etc., will also work. This is the part where you decide on how your recycled wine bottle art should be customized to fit your decor, etc.
Recycled Wine Bottle ArtStart by laying the bottle on it’s backside. Create a pattern with a very small line of glue.  Place the cotton twine on the glue lines. It’s very important not to use too much glue or you will end up with gobs of adhesive and that will be difficult to cover with the spray paint.

Notice how I used a ceramic mug to keep the bottle from rolling backward or forward.

Continue your design.  Work with fairly short lengths of twine (no longer than 12″) to complete your recycled wine bottle art. When you get to the opposite side of the bottle,  prop your bottle up sideways so the twine on the backside doesn’t slip off of the glued lines.

Remove excess glue (2)
Have plenty of cotton swabs on hand so you can remove excess glue from your bottle art. Once the design is complete and the glue is dry, take the bottles outside and spray them with several coats of spray paint. Hold the can at least 6″ away from the wine bottle and spray, using light coats and allowing coats to dry in between to avoid drips and runs.

Recycled Wine Bottle Art
Although I created the more elaborate swirl pattern, I also opted for simpler patterns too. I love the cheerful flowers and a simple sentiment for my Recycled Wine Bottle Art. I finished them with a light coat of Krylon’s ColorMaster Acrylic Crystal Clear Coating.


There are so many ideas for creating Recycled Wine Bottle Art.

So gather your twine and spray paint and have a blast!

Live Life Creatively

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