Polymer Clay Vintage Ruler Bookmarks

Vintage Ruler Bookmarks
Make your own bookmarks with polymer clay and vintage rulers

When I scored these fun vintage rulers at a recent thrift shop going out of business sale, I left with so many ideas of how to use them. With the holidays around the corner, I want to plan ahead and start organizing my gift giving for people such as teachers, co-workers, clients I would like to thank and friends, sans a big budget. I think these bookmarks will be perfect for the ladies on my list, as the materials are easy to come by (even the vintage rulers) and fairly quick to make in multiples. I will have to think about a man version- ideas welcome!

Lumiere paints

Choosing the Right Paints

Enter my favorite paints, Lumiere by Jacquard Products. These paints produce beautiful sparkly effects and really work well for producing antique results. The colors I chose for base coating and dry brushing are some of my favorites, Pewter, Crimson, Halo Violet Gold (fast becoming my fav even taking the place of my beloved Citrine) and Metallic Silver. Throw in some Neopaque colors like White and Magenta and you have the beauty that will make these bookmarks really stand out!

Cernit clay and moldsSo now the clay roses. Jacquard not only makes beautiful paints but they also carry a high quality polymer paint, Cernit clay, which is perfect for making both sophisticated and whimsical arts and crafts projects, including: miniatures, dolls, buttons, beads, jewelry, and for adding sculptural elements to any project, including bookmarks.

Tips on Using Clay Molds and Conditioning Clay

The molds are from Mad About Molds, which carries high quality polymer clay bisque molds in so many themes and shapes it will make your head spin. I recently discovered their site and was unable to get away without $50.00 bucks worth of molds in my shopping cart. Delivery was professional, prompt and the molds more than lived up to my expectations. Surprisingly easy to use, they benefit from a light coat of cornstarch before placing the conditioned clay inside the mold. If you have never conditioned clay before, it entails working it with your fingers until it is soft and pliable. Clay that has been under-conditioned will result in cracks while baking. There are some tried and true tricks for quicker conditioning, including placing a small amount (about 1/4 of a block) into your pocket or even your bra. Regarding this last idea, I have been surprised more than once at the end of the day when I undressed and discovered a wad or two of clay on the floor, somehow forgotten about over the course of a busy day.

Painted rosesOnce I molded and baked my roses, I gave them a couple-three coats of the Lumiere and Neopaque paint. Then I chose contrating colors of white and metallic silver to give the molded roses interest and depth. Dont forget the back! You want your rose to have that professional touch to them.

Vintage rulers

Cutting the Rulers to Bookmark Size 
“Vintage” (i.e. old advertisng rulers that can be found in some delightful colors) rulers are easy to find in almost any antique, flea or thrift shop. I used the no so colored ones since I did not want to compete with the beautiful molded roses.

Cutting rulers
Cutting the rulers is easy, you just need a hand saw (you may also want to wear safety gloves) and a cutting surface to protect your working surface from the obvious. I cut my rulers to 6″ in lenth, which gives you two per 12″ ruler (really?) or more from yard stick lengths (you do the math).

Gluing flowers to rulers

Assembling the Vintage Rulers 
Gluing the roses to the rulers is rather easy, the roses have a flat back. I also added these cute beaded scrapbooking embellishments by Recollections that I just love!

For a final vintage touch, dry brush the edges of the rulers with Neopaque in black.

Dry brush edges of rulers
Vintage Ruler Bookmarks 2A pretty gift a bookish friend will adore. They look great when paired with old torn books.

How to order the Materials or BookMarks

If you are interested in cernit clay, neopaque or lumiere, visit Dick Blick. For the truely time-strapped, I am offering these in my etsy shop. If you don’t have time to put these these together, go to my etsy shop and order them!

Want to see another cool project using these products? Hop on over to my tutorial creating unique shadow box napkin rings.

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