Mom Jean Makeover- hand dyed mom jean cutoff shorts

mom jean cutoff shorts

How about a MOM JEAN makeover?  You know you were guilty of wearing mom jeans and likely have a few still in your closet.    Why not make something super cool like mom jean cutoff shorts with your teenage daughter and her friends.  You can have a great laugh at your superb fashion sense and impress them with your craftiness.

To begin you will need some mom jeans or shorts that are in the mom jean style. Don’t act like you are too cool and don’t know what I am talking about. 🙂

mom jean  cutoff shorts supplies:

Mom jeans or mom jean shorts
Jacquard Dye
A safe working area or area covered with plastic, rubber gloves, plastic bucket, pen or marker and water.


Cut the mom jeans to a length that is slightly longer than you want.  You are on your way to creating cool mom jean cutoff shorts now.

Try on the mom jean cuttoff shorts and draw a line where you want the slits and curves to go.

Use scissor made for material. Your hands will like you if you do this. Trust me. Cut random slits in the shorts to give them more character.

Wet the shorts in water. Then place the shorts in a 1 to 4 bleach to water ratio. This will remove excess color. It will happen rapidly. Wash the shorts in detergent to stop the bleaching action. Do not dry. While the shorts are washing you can mix up the procion dyes. If you do not have plastic bottles you can use zip top baggies and snip a corner off. (it is messier)

After you have washed the shorts, place them on a flat surface. I am lucky to have a stainless steel sink. It scrubs clean.


Continue to add the colors in the pattern you desire. Flip the mom jean cutoff shorts over and dye the back as well.

There you have it, mom jeans madeover into super hot mom jean cuttoffs.  Who would have thought those high wasted mom jeans could ever look so awesome?

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