Minky fabric Pumpkins

minky cuddle fabric pumpkin pillows Minky fabric Pumpkins

Minky Fabric pumpkins, another No Sew pumpkin technique?  Yes, I am on a kick.  I was so inspired by all the  awesome pumpkins out there I had to try another style myself.  This time I tried the gathering technique and again used my cheater method of a rubber band.  I also used some Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Orange fabric left over from a project that I made for a manufacturer.  I will show you that later.  I totally fell in love with the Minky Cuddle fabric and did not want to let any of it go to waste.  Plus I thought the fabric looked like the warty pumpkins carried by our local farms.
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Supplies needed for Minky fabric Pumpkins :

Instructions for Minky fabric Pumpkins:

1.Cut fabric  and place flat on a table and add a ball of Poly-fil to the center of the fabric.

add polyfill to fabric

2.  Gather the fabric and place a rubber band around.

no sew pumpkin

3. Trim off any excess and add a dollop of hot glue.  Add  jute to the dollop and start wrapping around.

fabric pumpkins
4. This will form the base of your no sew pumpkin stem.

no sew pumpkin stem


5.  Add ribbon scraps for embellishments.

Single cuddle fabric pumpkin Minky fabric Pumpkins
6.  Add other ribbons and embellishments

junk bow pumpkin Minky fabric Pumpkins
Add you your Minky fabric Pumpkins  to your collection of handmade pumpkins.

Minky fabric Pumpkins no sew collection

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2 thoughts on “Minky fabric Pumpkins

  1. You didn’t mention size of the fabric to cut. Also, what did you do with the poly pellets??? Where do you get them?

  2. Hi, the scrap fabric was approximately a 16×16 piece. The Polly pellets came from Joan Fabric and craft store. They carry them in the back near the pillows, foam and fiberfil. I just poured the pellets on the bottom and added the fiber fill over them. I used about 1/3 cup.

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