DIY Mermaid themed cupcake tower

Mermaid themed cupcake tower

mermaid themed cupcake tower Make a mermaid themed cupcake tower for your mermaid themed party ideas

Make a mermaid themed cupcake tower to coordinate with your mermaid party decorations using Olyfun and a few other pieces.  My daughters 5th birthday party was mermaid themed and the invitations were my inspiration for the mermaid themed cupcake tower.  I used Oly-fun to cut into scallops to imitate the scales on a mermaid tail.  The invitations  shown here are very whimsical and creative and I tried to imitate that feel with the tower.  I was so proud of myself for actually being able to keep it random.  It was all I could do to keep myself from making a color pattern for the scales.  I found the lids to stacking boxes were cheaper when purchased as a set.  This is my little mermaid hamming it up for the camera.
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If you would like to make the starfish headband click here.

Supplies for a mermaid themed cupcake tower:

 mermaid cupcake tower diy

Instructions for a mermaid themed cupcake tower:

  1. Paint the rims of the lids of the stacking boxes.  I use the 3 largest. Allow the lids to dry.
  2. Cut a 150 to 200 scallops.  Mix the colors up randomly.
  3. Use the low-temp glue gun to adhere the scallops around the edges of the lids. Add as many layers as you would like around each layer.  I added more layers at the bottom than the top
  4. Hot glue jute cording around the rim of the lids to cover the raw edges of the scallops.
  5. Add a generous amount of melted glue around the rim of the metal buckets and press them onto the under side of the rims.  Make sure you center them before they dry.

mermaid party ideas

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