Make a Sparkle DIY Bangle

Smooch Ink Sparkle DIY Bangle
Smooch Ink Sparkle DIY Bangle

Make a this Bangle Bracelet in under an hour with a few supplies and a heat gun.  You might have noticed I really like to make Bangles.  One reason is that I can create one generally in under an hour.  I like to see results quickly.  If you want to make one follow the directions below.


Indus wood bangle

Colorbox Archival Ink – Khaki Green, Wicked

Molding Mat – Circulate

Smooch Sassy Pink, Baby Pink, Carrot, Pool

Smooch Spritz – Vanilla Shimmer

Top Coat of your choice- Diamond Glaze, Paper Glaze, Modge Podge, Crystal Lacquer

Glue Gloss

Sugar Shimmer




Heat gun



Concentric Colors Bangle

Apply Khaki Green ink to inside of bangle with Stylus.  Heat set.  Repeat for edges and non-flat surface on exterior.

Apply Sassy Pink Smooch to flat spots and heat set.  Apply Wicked to Circulate Molding Mat.  Stamp image on flat spots and heat set.

Spritz entire Bracelet with Vanilla Shimmer.

Apply, Baby Pink, Carrot, Pool Smooch to circles and heat set.

Apply Design Glue Gloss to bracelet in various positions.  Sprinkle on Sugar Shimmer.  Tap to remove excess and let dry thoroughly.

Apply a coat of gloss and heat set.  Repeat if desired.


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