Make a French Country Flowerpot and Towel

French Country Flowerpot & TowelGive your kitchen a little ooh la la with this french country flowerpot andTowel DIY.  The right decorative accents can make a big difference when decorating your home.  You can get the customized look when you make things yourself. These two pieces also make a great gift or start to a gift basket.  Add some gourmet food to the french country flower pot like herb de provence, or lavender seasoning salt.  If you click the link you can get the recipe to make your own seasoning salt. Add things the recipient would like or even french herbs to use in cooking.  The content below may have been sponsored, contain affiliate links or free items for use. Know that this will not sway the opinion no matter what. (Even though they may want to!) This costs you nothing and helps pay for this blog's overhead. Click Diclosures to learn more.

Materials for french country flowerpot and towel:


Directions to make french country flowerpot and towel:

1. Paint bottom of pot French Vanilla and lip Country Red. When dry, lay pot on surface and stamp, rolling stamp across pot. Repeat by lining up stamp with previous image until pot bottom is covered with manuscript.

2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse webbing to back of fabrics. Use scallop-edge scissors to cut 4-1/2” oval from red gingham, and regular scissors to cut 4” oval from script fabric. Print and cut out pattern. Cut rooster from black/white dot fabric. Fuse ovals together and rooster to script fabric.

3. Use three strands of black floss to blanket stitch edges of rooster and oval. Sew seed bead to each scallop.

4. Glue oval to center of flowerpot.

5. For towel, repeat Step 2. Fuse ovals to towel and repeat Step 3. If desired, use black floss to blanket stitch bottom of towel edges.


1. Use rooster pot as a gift basket and fill with gourmet treats.

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