Make a DIY Bangle Bracelet

Layers of beauty
Layers of beauty diy wood bangle bracelet

Make a DIY Bangle Bracelet with ease and a few key ingredients that you likely have on hand in your craft stash.  Materials for wood bangle titles – Layers of Beauty.  No, I do not always give my pieces names.  But occasionally I do and this was a pice with lots of layers to it. When I made this piece I was on a bangle kick.  I think I made a hundred of them for a craft show. No two were alike and what did not sell at that show I saved and use for another one and as gifts.  Nothing gets wasted in our house.

Materials for a DIY Bangle Bracelet:

  • Ink  and Molding Mats from Clearsnap,
  • Lumiere from Jacquard
  • Wood burning tool from Walnut Hollow.

Directions for a DIY Bangle Bracelet:

  1. Ink the inside of the bangle and allow to dry.
  2. Apply ink  to the outside of the bangle.
  3. Apply ink to a molding mat and wrap around the bangle to leave the image.  You can use any unmounted stamp.  Or if you are using a mounted stamp – roll the bangle over the image with a firm steady hand.
  4. Let dry and apply the Lumiere for Shimmer.
  5. Use the wood tool to decorate the edges.

You can coat the piece with clear coating if desired.

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