Kid Friendly recipes Christmas Treats

Kid Friendly recipes Christmas Treats are the answer  to the question MOM CAN WE??? Here is a round up of our favorite Kid Friendly Christmas Treats.

Let’s start with something healthy. Food tastes better when it looks fun, right?

Creative Kid Snacks

Make sure to drop by Creative Kid Snacks. You won’t want to miss the Reindeer Sandwich, Cottage Cheese Snowman, or the Santa Panini, either.


Still keeping it healthy…

Grinch Fruit Snacks

from Charm It Spot’s 12 Days of Christmas Surprises

She has a lot of other cute ideas, from decorated water bottles and Christmas tree shaped bread, a definite do-not-miss for parents and caregivers.

Grinch Fruit Snacks


and into the sweet stuff…


Snowman Cookie Winter Dessert Idea

From Snack Picks, this just requires pre-made cookies, frosting and caramels. We were thinking forgo the caramels and break out the Fruit by the Foot and some kid safety scissors. After all, this is for the kids, right?

Donut Fun

From Love From the Oven, she gets my vote for Mom of the year, because she actually MADE the donuts. Personally, I was thinking a quick trip to the corner store for a video and a bag of donuts.

Reindeer Donuts

Nilla Wafers

We know that you probably have a box of these somewhere. Break ’em out. No recipe for this one, just add your own imagination. Just imagine how much fun the kids might have smashing candy canes. Just saying!

and now for something completely different …

Sticky Stacky Sandwiches

We thought we’d finish off with a super healthy snack. Have you searched Pinterest for the keyword Sticky Stacky Sandwiches? Yeah, you’ll wanna do that. Because we’d even eat these.

Put your kids to work with your Christmas cookie cutters and let them build their lunch, or dinner, or breakfast. Nothing unhealthy here, so they can go to town, and you can have a break.

Sticky Stacky Sandwiches

We also have roundups for Chex Mix and Sweet Treats
Merry Christmas  From all of us at 365 Days of Crafts!

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