Handpainted wine glasses

Hand painted wine glasses by Jen Goode
Hand painted wine glasses by Jen Goode

I love to make handmade gifts that I can embellish with my own art. Hand painted items seem to be a perfect fit, if I can find the a good blank space to paint on. I recently painted these wine glasses to donate for a silent auction raising funds for Breast Cancer awareness. They’re super easy to do and turn out wonderfully.

I used Plaid’s enamel paint which has a nice opaque color coverage. With wine glasses I highly recommend you lightly paint your initial design idea on the glass using a frost medium. This is a rather subtle paint that is easy to cover but will allow you to place some paint on the glass before adding your bold color. You don’t have to be a magnificent painter to create really pretty glass art. Think simple, stick to shapes and shades of color and you can come up with something amazing!

I added layers of color until I had the look I wanted. When I finished putting down the color, I went back over select areas with the frost medium again to add some subtle touches of sparkle.

This enamel sets nicely after 24 hours but it’s still a good idea to avoid using for about 7 days to let the paint thoroughly cure. Hand wash.

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