Hand Dye Rainbow Outfit for Toddler

Rit dyed Rainbow outfit for TodllerHand dye pre-made white clothes from a big box store for a custom look.  My toddler loves colorful clothes and especially rainbow colored clothes.  The more colors the better. I can never find clothes that are as colorful as she is.  I make my own by using a hand dye technique that is very simple and the results make her very happy.

Tip: Often at the end of the season I will buy a bunch of white clothes on the discount rack in a size or two larger.  Then when she is ready for the new size I hand dye them what ever color she is into at the time.  Right now she cannot get enough of pink and purple.  When I hand dyed this piece she was totally into rainbows.   Who knows what next season will look like?

Material for hand dye:

  1. Fold the material into thirds vertically to make it easier to work with and to give the dye a little variation.
  2. Wet the material for more even coverage and absorption.
  3. Use the squirt bottles to place the dye exactly where you want it to go. Flip it over to get both sides.
  4. Leave on the dye according to manufactures directions.
  5. Rinse thoroughly before washing.
  6. Wash, dry and enjoy.

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