Fall button wall art



button wall art make your own canvas creation!

Button wall art s is an easy piece to make yourself.  This pieces is featuring a button Pumpkin, DecoArt Paint  background in an easy to follow tutorial.  Make your home warm and welcoming by creating your own autumnal button wall art in an easy to follow tutorial.

Materials to make a make a button wall art Canvas:

Directions to make fall button wall art:

Making a piece of fall button wall art is easier than you might think.  Cover your work area.  Turn a 12×12 canvas backwards and draw a basic pumpkin in the center. It does not have to be perfect.  Trust me. Mine is far from it.  Paint in your background, clean your paint brush and then paint in your pumpkin, stem and leaves.  Do clean your brush in between the colors.  Again, it does not have to be perfect you are going to cover them with buttons and with the addition of the jute it looks a little rustic.  Once you have the piece painted start adhering the buttons to the painting.

Including dry time and the gluing of the jute cording, this piece took about 3 hours.  If you take out the dry time I would say around two.  Wrapping the jute took the longest time.  It is tedious but it is a great effect.  I hope you will make yourself some sort of wall art.  Create a home that is all about you and your taste.  It is more fun that way.


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