Dr. Seuss party favors

party favors, printable, dr suessDr.  Seuss party favors are quick and easy to make with printable party pieces.    I found these printables for FREE on www.wanessacarolinacreations.blogspot.com  I used the pattern paper as the base and a drink label as a wrap for the jar.  The jar is filled with l Swedish fish to go along with the One  Fish Two Fish theme.  The jar is from peanut butter.  I asked a few friends to save them and before long we had what we needed for the party.  The jars were washed thoroughly and dried.  If you have any kids with peanut  allergies you might want to use a different container.  Dr. Seuss is a very popular kids book and many schools celebrate his birthday with parties and read-ins.  This would make a fun prize for a reading contest too. 

Supplies for Dr. Seuss party favors:

  • Swedish fish to fill containers and some extra to eat.
  • Printed labels and accent strips
  • Scissors
  • Tape runner
  • Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons

To make the Dr. Seuss party favors:

  1. Wash dry and clean containers and remove any labels and glue residue.
  2. Print labels and cut to size.
  3. Adhere labels to container with a tape runner.  If you use liquid glue secure the paper with a rubber band or two until dry.
  4. Trim a small strip of paper to size – long enough to wrap around the jar top. Adhere the strip to the container lid.
  5. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around container and to tie a small bow.
  6. Adhere the ribbon around the lid with a small dot of glue or two.
  7. Use a glue gun to adhere the buttons.
  8. Fill with Swedish fish and enjoy.

This is another Dr. Seuss craft you can wear to school.

cat in the Hat Dr Suess main

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