Welcome to my craft room.  Some days I call it my studio, and other days I refer to it as my crap hole of creativity.  The first picture is of what it looked like before I got my mits on it.  It was absolutely beautiful.  It was a dream walk in closet for most people.  (I am not most people) The dressing room had ample storage and two full length mirrors, it was by most peoples standards a dream feature to have off a master bedroom.  However I would never in a million years have enough clothes to fill the space.  Now if we are talking crafting and sewing supplies we are having a whole different conversation on the need for storage and space.  I really wanted to have a space where I could shut the door when it became a disaster. (which is most of the time) My house is always clean but my creative space rarely is.  Thus, my desire for a door.
craft room before

I did the unthinkable to most people and I knocked out the center set of closets.  GASP!!! the horror.

Craft room pano

Hardwood floors were added so that it would be easy to keep clean and it would match my master bedroom. I left the vintage wallpaper up because it is neutral and really cool.  (you can see it better in the picture below) Plus the thought of removing wallpaper gives me a headache.  I hope to add a cool light fixture in the ceiling but for now cheap strip lights do the trick. Decorations and a rug are desperately needed because the space is soooo white!  There is an echo when the doors are closed and no stuffs on the floor.

paint storage ideas studio craft room
My paint storage is in need of a few more tiers.  I need to get my neutrals on there.  It is made with a $3 towel bar (affiliate link)  and wood trim that is painted white.  You could paint it the same color as your wall or make a bold statement and paint it a bright accent color.

button and embellishment storage ideas

I also have a slight addiction to buttons and embellishments. The little jars are from Ikea and I am not sure what I would do if they discontinued them.  My eventual goal is to get my beading supplies into them too.  Yes, I am a beader.  There are only a few mediums that I have not tried and liked.  I do not knit or crochet. Yarn is not my thing unless I am weaving.

pen and marker storage
Pens, colored pencils and markers are something I use on a regular basis and like to have them handy.  Spending money on cool storage is not my idea of fun.  These are giant tin cans from my daughters preschool.  I like them because they were free and I can move them around.

So now that you have seen my photo ready pictures I thought I should let you in on my reality.  Keeping it real is very important to me.  This is the reality of what my room looks like after a deadline.  I am pretty much always on a deadline or have 5 projects going at once.   I would love some suggestion on where to add color to the room.  Right now it is very very white.

reality craft room

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the inside where I create and have some suggestions for where I should add color.

Craft room before and afterIf you would like to see other craft room that are pretty and have fantastic ideas for storage check out this round up of ideas hosted by Angie of the Country Chic Cottage.

CRAFT ROOM_zpsep030zhc.jpg~original

Happy creating!

26 thoughts on “craft-room-storage-ideas-and-tour

  1. Thrift shop for colored knobs for the cabinets! I would (and have) used miscellaneous pieces of scrap paper and modge podged them to the outside of my craft bin doors. I would love to get my sticky mode podgey paws onto those beautiful flat cabinets.

  2. Oh my gosh – I LOVE it! If you’re anything like me, you won’t have to worry much about color. Give it a few weeks and there will be felt on the floors, paint on the walls, and glitter on the ceiling.

  3. My first thought was the knobs also. I would also look for some fabric in the colour that you like and maybe velcro it around the bottom of the table beside your desk. It adds great colour and is a great place to hide bulky items. I would also stay with a main colour and just a bit of an accent colour. Second hand stores have the best frames you can buy and paint with chalk paint in your main colour and a few in accent colours and you can frame anything. If you are into painting the wood on your desk that would look cool painted with chalk paint also. A carpet and a few throw pillows. Maybe some huge floor pillows!!! You can do so many things with this amazing room!!!!

  4. You can get textured wallpaper that can be painted or antiqued – it would be really fun on your cabinet doors or drawers. Just check Pinterest for ideas!

  5. Find some colorful shelf paper and cut to fit the doors. If you don’t like after a while, just remove it and try another color or style. DL

  6. I think you my twin! I usually am on a deadline or have like 5 projects going at once until the deadline. Awesome space. Maybe add art to the walls or cabinets?

  7. HA! LOved this post! Been looking through a few of your posts and subscribed. This one made me laugh, your so much like me including your humor! I make just about anything and cant stick to one thing, constantly need new adventures and always wanting to learn something new. Anything that takes too long I end up not doing including knitting! I am inspired by your post now to do something instead of just looking at ideas..and rally get organized in my huge craft room. I am lucky to have a huge room all windows and a deck for a craft room, now to just make it easier to locate items!

  8. Thank you for the ‘reality’ shot. I’m just getting into crafting and pinterest makes it seem like everyone lives some kinda dream life where stuff is tidy all the time -_-

  9. i really need advice, I love all types of art & DIY. Pros:: it’s a decent sized space with natural lighting, even has a small gall fireplace to keep it cozy in winter. Cons: it is a cluttered disaster that has spilled over into the rest of the house. A big bad is I have a rare disease that causes daily fatigue, pain, & fevers, making it much more difficult to complete a task in 1 sitting. Should I start by boxing up homeless items & focus on arranging & cleaning work spaces, then tackle the clutter? Truthfully, I’m a disorganized packrat who’d rather create than prepare to create. Any suggestions, ideas, etc would be great! Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      I too have an illness and suffer from fatigue. I get it! Get clear shoe boxes and put like items together for a start. Lable the too. Then add all homeless items to a box that you can sit and sort through and try to find homes. Good Luck!

  10. What a great space for crafting! I’m definitely in need of organization and storage ideas. My husband and I are almost done building our new home. I’m so excited that I’ll have my very own craft room! I do have to admit, at times, I feel a little anxious and overwhelmed thinking about how I should organize all of my crafting supplies once we move in… not to mention the rest of the house. I also suffer from chronic fatigue and, unfortunately, fibromyalgia. The one thought that keeps a smile on my face is knowing whenever my muscles and tendons start aching or the fatigue sets in and I’m unable to finish a project, I can simply close the door and not worry about having to put it all away. I can leave everything as is and when I’m feeling up to it, I can just dive right back in where I left off! So glad I came across your post on pinterest.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I also suffer from chronic fatigue and closing the door is a very nice thing. Hope you are having a great day.

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