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I recently joined a fb group of bloggers and some of us are joining up and having a Christmas Home Blog Tour.  I am not doing a walk through of my home per se, I thought it would be more fun to share pictures of my favorite decorations.  And give a little back ground on why they are displayed each year.

I’m sharing some of my favorite photos of my Christmas decor here and linking you to all the other homes in the tour so you can enjoy them all!

Friday December 12th
Saturday December 13th
Sunday December 14th
Monday December 15th
Now for a few of my favorite things –
This is the monogram I made for my front door. (how to make a monogram door hanger) It matches the colors on my tree.  Our tree and I have a love hate relationship.  We pull it out every other year when we travel over Christmas.  On The Christmases we are in town we do a live tree and on when we do a lot of traveling we put up our fake tree.  We have done this for the past twelve years and the fake tree decided to start shedding like a real tree.  But I can say that it has more than done its duty considering we purchased in for $10 when a store found 3 of them in their storage room in the middle of July.
Country Chic Monogram Wreath Monogram Door Hanger. Twine or sisal wrapped around a wreath, letter or frame is a great idea for your next DIY craft. Holiday door decoration inspiration.

The next picture is of my new favorite crafty technique.  Wood burning.  I have used the wood burning tool on anything that has not moved this year.  Wood Slice Snowman Instructions 
Wood burining wood slice snowman ornament country chic Christmas 365 Days of Crafts

We were married in December and went to Mexico over Christmas for our Honeymoon.  While we were there we purchased a sweet little nacamiento from the cutest little old lady. It has been a part of our Christmas tradition for 17 years now.  Sweet baby Jesus has been lost and found many times.  Usually in the hands of a child.  Luckily none of the pieces have ever been lost or broken.


A few things were added this years since our house is a little bigger than the last.  On my painted buffet I added a little winter scene.  The scene will not have to be put away immediately after Christmas and the kids like rearranging it.  Nothing in my house is off limits to the kids.  I grew up in a house where we were not allowed to touch anything and everything was spotless.  My house is clean but well lived in and my kids know to touch gently.  Yes, that is always a work in progress.

winter scene


winter scene bits

Icelettes in the lantern

So there you have a little peak into my decorations for the holidays.  Check out the other bloggers and their decor.  If you want to make any of the projects.  Click on the highlighted text.

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