Candy corn Tights and T-shirt

Candy corn is not just for eating you know.  In this house we wear it too.  I like making my daughters clothing, well not actually “making” but dying and embellishing purchased or hand me downs.  She asked me for a candy corn dress and I could not find a plain white dress to dye so I opted for a shirt and tights.  She was quite pleased.

Candy Corn Tights and T-shirt

Materials for Candy Corn Tights and T-shirt:

Dye and water on stove for dip dyeWhite shirt ready for Rit and a cool dip dye sunset look.Tights ready for candy corn colors

Directions for Candy Corn Tights:

  1. Prepare Lemon Yellow Rit dye according to manufacturers directions.  The hotter the water used the brighter the color.
  2. Wash tights and t-shirt to removed any residue.  Remove from washing machine and dip in the heated yellow dye bath. Repeat for the shirt.  Squeeze to remove excess dye.
  3. Fill a squirt bottle with heated orange dye and pour above the yellow.  Be careful of drips.  You will need to lay on a flat covered surface to dry.

CC sitting tightsCandy Corn surprise

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