Boho Chic Necklace with Resin Pendant

Yesterday, I made a post on the Amazing Mold Putty website showing how to make a mold.  The title is Mold Making 101 and  and in the post I gave very basic directions on how to make the mold for this pendant.

Molds, clay and resin have been a fascination of mine for quite a while.  I have plans for a few more pieces using this same pendant.  Okay, more than a few.  A few dozen.  Pretty sure everyone is getting jewelry for gifts this year.  The great thing about using this mold is I can get a consistent look and create the same pendant in a bunch of mediums.


Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder

Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder This will act as a release and give it a slight texture.

Pearl Ex mixed with Resin

Mix Pearl Ex in the  Resin to create a solid look

Pinata Alcohol Inks and Luminarte 3D Paint added

Sponge on Pinata Alcohol Inks and Lumiere 3D Paint added in tiny dollops.

Glazed and wire wrapped pendant

Coat with a glaze to seal the colors in. Wrap wire around the top to allow a mode to hook the wire wrapped pendant to the necklace.





















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