15 minute Badger Mask for halloween

Badger mask easy sew



Honey Badger ain’t got nothin’ on my badger mask. If you are not familiar with the honey badger youtube videos and you do not mind a few bad works then check them out. My son wants to take his little sister trick or treating and does not want to get all dressed up. He is at the in-between stage where he wants to be cool yet he still wants to be a little kid. And by all means I am going to encourage him to be a kid. To please him and his need for a costume we came up with several masks that he can wear and his little sister can play with after trick or treating.

To make the Badger Mask you will need:

  • sewing machine or fabric glue
  • thread & scissors
  • oly-fun in black white and grey
  • pattern or freehand the mask
  • large eyelets and eyelet setting tool
  • elastic cording
  • hole punch ( I use a crop a dile)

Instructions for Badger mask:

  1.  Freehand draw or download  pattern.  Transfer to grey oly-fun.
  2. Cut two bases of slate grey and sew or glue together.
  3. Cut a strip of white for the center and sew on. ( I freehanded)
  4. Cut a small oval for the nose.  ( I freehanded)
  5. Punch holes in side of mask.  Insert  eyelets and set.
  6. Tie elastic on to fit head of wearer snuggly – but not tight.
  7. ENJOY

This is a picture of the mask.  Print or enlarge to fit your child.

mask with ears

32 thoughts on “15 minute Badger Mask for halloween

  1. This is a great idea. My daughter is the same way thinks she is to old to go trick or treating yet she still wants to take her little brothers.

  2. This is a craft that can be easily done with a small group of children – especially if I am watching them for more than an hour and have everything cut out first! Best Aunt EVER again!

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