Upcycled Christmas – Tuna Can Creations


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Make your own Christmas ornaments with everyday items.

Some of you may have learned that I am a HUGE fan of using jars, cans and boxes to create with. One of my absolute favorite recycled surfaces are Tuna Cans! They are so many possibilities.

These simple nativities showing the holy family are one example. I wrapped wood shapes with burlap and used excelsior to make a bed for baby Jesus. The outer ring was created by cutting a ring from chipboard (recycled of course) to fit the opening of the can yet create a finished edge. I used a Coluzzle knife and circle template to do this but you can find circular items around the house to use as templates. Cut the edges of the outer ring with scalloped edged scissors. Paint a coordinating color using acrylic paint and sprinkle with glitter.

Bird Dioramas
This is another theme I have used tuna cans for. I created the outer ring of these bird dioramas as before and covered the inside and outside of the can with patterned paper. I inserted purchase floral birds perched on a bit of holiday greenery.

Paper trees
These paper cone trees are perched inside tiny tuna cans, or you can use the kind wet cat food comes in (just wash and dry throughly!) Place small candies around the base of the tree for a fun kids craft.

Recycled Ribbon Roll Ornaments
These ornaments were made with recycled ribbon rolls but a tuna can would work just as well. Add glitter, ribbon, stamped sentiments and greenery to embellish.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas- leave me a comment and let me know!

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