Underwater party decorations

Underwater party decorations
Make underwater party decorations that are fun and colorful.  You can turn a blank wall into an underwater party with a few decorations like colorful pompom fish, seagrass and jellyfish.  To create the underwater party decorations I covered a wall with fabric from a bolt of spa blue and sandy tan fabric.  These were bolts purchased for a project that I had not started.  If you wanted to you could use Olyfun on the bolt, sheets, colored paper on the roll from the teachers supply store, plastic table clothes or really anything you want.  The wall of underwater decorations set the tone for the party room.

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Materials for underwater party decorations:

     Pompom fish

     Jellyfish lanterns


Instruction for Underwater party decorations:

  1. To make the fish I used Olyfun 12×12 sheets.  The 12×12 sheets of Olyfun a 6-8 are layered together and the sheets were folded in accordion fashion.
  2. Zip ties are added to the center and the edges were scalloped with scissors.  Once the edges are cut the layers are separated and fluffed up to make a half of a ball a semicircle a dome or what ever you want to call it… LOL.
  3. Place two halves together and add a dollop of glue to adhere them together.
  4. Add google eyes in the largest size you can find.
  5. The fins were freehanded with utility scissors.
  6. The seagrass is Olyfun cut into strips ad twisted with glue dots placed at the top and the bottom of each strip.

You are at complete liberty to make the fish any shaper color or size you would like and we had a few fish that did not make it to the party.  I should have thought to share a picture of them because they are a definite craft fail.  Your kids will love them no matter what so dont really worry about it.

These decorations are a part of the Mermaid Party click the links below the pictures to find more ideas on your underwter party and beach bash for your mermaid. 

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