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Ugly Sweater Inspired Hostes Gift Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft

Ah yes it is that time of year again, the ugly Christmas sweater themed party season.   The formerly fashionable attire would still be nothing more than a long-forgotten piece of bad taste without the ugly Christmas sweater party.   It is the perfect excuse for some bad 80’s hair and letting your inner kindergarten teacher out.

The Ugly Sweater theme parties have not only given new life to old pieces of holiday monstrosity, they have made them quite trendy and exceptionally fun as well.  If you are attending a holiday ugly sweater party celebrating the most awful pieces of knitting in town you might want to consider a hostess gift.  This Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft frame can be displayed seasonally or year round as a reminder of the fun festivities.   Textured ribbon, plastic deer and pom poms are totally tacky to me.  SO I thought they would be perfect for the frame. You could use any tacky embellishment to make your Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft frame.  I am still not sure why I had these little embellishments in my crafty stash.  Maybe I am totally tacky at heart.  😉

Tools and Supplies for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft :


1. Paint the frame with green paint and allow to dry.

2. Adhere ribbon with a line of hot glue.

3. Adhere tacky plastic reindeer with hot glue.

4. Glue pom pom balls in bucket and adhere to frame with a dollop of hot glue.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craft
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