teammate gifts using Cricut

Teammate gifts
Make personalized water bottles as end of the season teammate gifts.   As the proud new owner of a Cricut cutting machine, I decided my first project would be something simple.  I tried my hand at Cricut permanent vinyl. (Needs to be cured 24 hours.) The gifts were for 5-7 year olds so I used a sans serif font that is easy to read.  You can pick from all sorts of fonts to use.  I cleaned the outside of the water-bottles with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.  Not sure why but I wanted to make sure the vinyl had a very clean surface for adherence.
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This video will help you learn how to use the Cricut. How to Cricut with Cricut Explore Air Video

Materials to make the teammate gifts:

Instructions to make teammate gifts:

  1. Follow the manufacturers directions on cutting vinyl.  I would tell you how but I think they do a much better job.  Once I have a few more projects under my belt I will write my own.
  2. Weed the design by peeling off all of the pieces of the design that we are not being used.
  3. I used transfer tape to pick up the design and move it to the surface of the water bottles.circut transfer tape with vinyl
  4. Smooth the letters down with a Cricut tool, an old credit card, back of a spoon or even your to remove transfer paper from vinyl
  5. Lift of the transfer tape.  If you missed a spot smooth it over again.  Repeat for each bottle you need.

You can find all sorts of other ideas on their website too. See all the Free Projects in Cricut Design Space  I purchased the water bottles at the dollar store.  If they are not in stock you can order them online too.  There you have it – teammate gifts using the Cricut.

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