String Art tutorial for Valentine’s Day


String Art or Nail Art?  Not sure what this craft is called but I know my mom had some in our house from the 70’s and I think it is pretty cool.  This was my first attempt.  Next time I might get all fancy and try to make a piece like the one that hung in the basement bathroom it was a sailboat with rainbow main sale.

Valentines day heart home decor


Materials to make String Art for Valentine’s Day

  • Walnut Hollow Plaque
  • Decoart Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Impress Art hammer
  • Nails
  • DMC Embroidery floss

Instructions for String Art for Valentine’s Day

  1. Paint the plaque with  solid base color.

DIY home decor

Decide on the pattern and size you want.  I chose a heart.  Draw the pattern on white copy paper. I got the size right on the first try.  That does normally not happen.

make a template

Cut the pattern from the paper.

paint with deco art

Trace on the surface.


I chose to paint the center of the string art to make the heart really pop on the black surface.

walnut hollow

Apply two coats of paint if needed.  Black is really difficult to cover.

valentines day

I bought nails from my local hardware store and they had white nails.  I was so excited.  I had planned on painting the silver nails white and this saved a huge step.

craft tools

To avoid smashing your fingers you can use a clothespin to hold the nail in place.

craft tips

Once you have the nails evenly spaced around the heart you can begin your stringing.

heart art


Tie a small knot to one nail.  Then loop the string around a nail on the opposite side. String around that nail and back up to the next nail.  Repeat until you have the entire pattern covered with string.  If you need to use more than one skein of floss, tie it on just like you did in the beginning.




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