Snowman crafts

Snowman crafts are great to make with the kids at they time of year. We are in the south and watch the news  to see where it is snowing.  My son has only seen snow a couple of times and my toddler has never seen it.  This is where making  snowman crafts comes in handy. The kids love the idea of a snowman that does not melt.
Diy matrioschka dollsI found a set of matrioschka dolls at the local big box craft store a few years ago.  When we were crafting together my son suggested a snowman set.  Having never really painted them before, this is how they turned out.  Not too bad, not great either.  The kids were pleased and had fun painting them white and sponging on a little light blue.  I did the faces and my son did the hats.  I used Decoart Acrylic paints.

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