Make S’more pops for a fun Valentine’s Day treat for the kids

S’more pops – Today I have a super tasty Valentine treat you will L-O-V-E! I have named them my S’more Pop Valentine and I have both the recipe and the tutorial showing you how I have made them. S’mores are awesome and anything on a stick is even better. Try your hand at S’more pops.

S’more pops supplies~

Supplies from Amazon (Affiliate links):

*I would get the wax paper and marshmallows from a grocery store.

Begin by melting the chocolate over a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler you can use a bowl over a small pot of gently simmering water as shown here!

While the chocolate starts to melt, grab some paper straws, the marshmallows and cracker crumbs. Put the graham cracker crumbs onto a small plate so that you can spread them out a bit.

Snip the straws in half and push each piece up into the point end of the marshmallow heart.

Paint the back side of the marshmallow using the fork you stirred the chocolate. Make sure you have a nice thick coat on there! Everyone loves the chocolate part of the classic S’more, right? 😀

Press the chocolate onto the surface of the cracker crumbs for a S’more pops crunch bit.

Make sure the entire surface of the melted chocolate is covered.Smores pops

Place the pop onto a plate covered with a bit of waxed paper and allow to cool & harden.

S'more pops

S'more pops for Valentine's day with recipe and tutorial

Repeat the steps for the rest of the S’more pops and allow them time to cool & the chocolate to harden.

Instructions for S’more pops labels~

While you are waiting for the chocolate to harden, print out a paper filled with “I like you S’more!” on it. Cut it into strips. Trim one end in a “V” as shown using very sharps scissors. Embellish each with a rhinestone.

Turn the strip over and apply Dot Glue Runner from where the rhinestone is up to the straight edge of the strip.

S'more pops

Adhere the strip about a half-inch below the bottom of the marshmallow, fold it over the straw, line it up and adhere it to the back side of the strip. Press it together well, all the way from the edge to the straw.


And there you have it! Another quick and simple Valentine’s Day project for you! Enjoy!

Create something everyday! K






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