Sewing stool update

Sewing stool makeover collage

The sewing stool update is part of the Fab Furniture Flipping Contest.  I purchased the piece last year and could not decide what I wanted to do with it.  When I heard the theme for this months contest “Geometric” I knew exactly what I wanted to incorporate.  I have been working on “half squares”  in non quilting speak they are called triangles.  They were going to be the geometric aspect.  I requested a quart of black glaze and white milk paint.  I was so pleased with how smooth the white milk paint went on that I decide to save the glaze for another project.  If you want to learn how to make the half squares that is a different post that I have to write up.  I have not perfected them YET!  so stay tuned for tips.sewing stool before

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Sewing stool update Instructions:

  1. Remove the padded lid from the stool and save the screws.
    sewing stool step 3
  2. Remove the fabric and padding from the lid. sewing stool step 4

  3. Lightly sand the wood base. Use a damp cloth to remove debris.
  4. Paint the base white and reapply as needed to coat the piece. sewing stool step 5
  5. Cut batting to fit top of sewing stool.
  6. Cover top with fabric and staple into place with a staple gunsewing stool step 10
  7. Cut Olyfun to cover the inside of the sewing stool lid.
    sewing stool step 98.  Reassemble the sewing stool and enjoy.
    sewing stool step 7

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