Sewing kit in a Jar

Sewing Kit in a jar gift

A Sewing Kit in a Jar is a great gift for a beginner sewer or crafter.  I think it is also a great gift for graduation.   It is a compact place  and you can add to it as you need.   Plus if you make the to a pin cushion it works double duty.  I personally love  having multiple pin cushions so I hope I can pass my love on to the recipient.   I also like to have my needles separate from my straight pins so I keep them on a loop that hangs on the side.

For the contents of the kit I included:

  • measuring tape
  • needle
  • threads
  • buttons
  • needle threader
  • straight pins
  • tiny scissors
  • thimble

mason jar pincushion
Supplies for Mason Jar with Pincushion top:

For this pincushion I chose to use a wide mouth half pint jar because I needed it to be able to hold everything.

Instructions for pincushion sewing kit jar:mason jar pincushion

1.  Cut fabric to at least 7″ x 7″ and press.

fiber fill pin cushion top

2.  Add a large ball of Polyfil to the center of the fabric.

hot gel the edges

3.  Hot glue the edges to the center.

4.  Using a hot glue gun, lay a bead of glue under the gathered edge of fabric.  Press as flat as you can.  It is important that you really get these gathers as flat as possible.  If they are too bulky it will make it challenging to get the jar completely closed.  Trim off excess fabric.

pincushion mason jar top

5.  Cut a length of ribbon to about 6″.  Glue ends together and glue to the lid of the jar.   Press the pincushion lid into the ring, making sure the needle holder ribbon is pulled through to the top.

6.  Hot Glue it to the rim of the jar.

7.  Add a drop of glue to the needle ribbon.

pin cushion mason jar gift

These are so easy and quick and they make great stocking stuffers too.  If you want even more inspiration click on the image below and  get in on the gift giving in a jar excitement.
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