Saggy Sofa Makeover

saggy sofa make over collage

A sofa makeover -Saggy Sofa begone! This is my favorite  sectional sofa.  We had it custom made about 12 years ago.  It has moved with us through 3 houses and the fabric is in great shape.  After all the moves and two children later it was looking all saggy and sad.  That is when I had the brilliant idea to fluff up the cushions with Poly-Fil fiber stuffing and give her a makeover.  I use polyfil  all the time to make pillows so why couldn’t I use it to fluff mine up.  I ordered a 10 pound box.  I gasped when it arrived, thinking I would have enough to last me years.  But the back cushions were very sad and saggy indeed.  One of the back pillows was so hard and lumpy that I tossed the entire thing and added all new.  It was 100 times better than before.  Honestly I did not realize how uncomfortable the sofa had become.


If you look in the picture below you can see the height difference the new fiberfill added.  I have a little wooden trunk that sits on the shelf behind the couch.   After I added the poly-fil the cushions were about 3 inches taller and happier. No camera trickery.  That is how flat they had become.

sagggy sectional sofa cornerrestuffed cushions
Below is a corner view of the couch. with one pillow stuffed and fluffed and the other waiting to be.  I was so surprised at the difference.

saggy sofa cushion removed
On my sofa the cushions are attached to the back and the zipper was on the bottom.  I had to remove the bottom cushions to fill up the pillows.  Each sofa is different.  While I had the cushions off I took the time to vacuum.  I made a $1.72, found 3 missing socks and a My Little Pony.   It was a good day.  Nothing gross or scary.

saggy sofa all cushions removedsofa finished cropped

After stuffing them all up and placing the bottom cushions back into the sofa the difference in height was amazing to me.

finished sofa full view

Next up on my list is to make some pillows for this room. I would love suggestions from you. Please leave an idea or two in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Saggy Sofa Makeover

  1. Hi, My name is Robin and I am a designer. You ask for some suggestions. Your room has a nice layout, and your pieces are great bones… however you have a lot of brown going on at the base of the room (wood floor, wood table, caramel couch, etc), making it bottom heavy. My technique to balance that and spread it out for a more aesthetic flow would be: A large area rug that the entire couch can fit on with a little room left. A rug with some bright, light colors to pull down and anchor the white walls and ceiling. Something trendy like a White and Blue quatrefoil pattern. Also I’d recommend White as the dominant color in any throw pillows you add. With pops of color in Dark orange, blue & green. Maybe add some greenery (like a stone urn with some succulents) on top of a few books with covers wrapped in white parchment paper and maybe a bright silvery art piece. Make sure you incorporate some blues in the rug and pillows to accent the tile wall that is visible through the kitchen. Think of your couch, floor and table, as an outfit you are accessorizing. And the wall in the background would look great with three or four rows of pictures all the same size in Black and white, grouped symmetrically together and centered. This is what I instantly see when I look at your room. I hope you like these ideas! 🙂

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