Pecan Pie Whiskey Iced Tea

Pecan Pie Whiskey Iced Tea pecan pie iced tea cocktail

Pecan Pie Whiskey Iced Tea, yes you read that right.  We are crafting cocktails in the kitchen. So, if you don’t want to craft a cocktail that is cool and refreshing as well as delicious then you should click around the other pages and find another type of craft to do.    I belong to a monthly dinner club and each month there is a different theme and we sign up for different courses.  Our theme this month was nut.  I signed up for a cocktail and had absolutely no clue what I was going to make.  I knew I could fall back on something expected with peanuts if needed.

The one of the best local places to go near Cincinnati is across the river into Kentucky and visit the Party Source  I purchased a brand of whiskey called Foggy Dog by Three Boys Farm Distillery  They make whiskey in small batches and sell locally around the region.


Pecan Pie Whiskey Iced Tea Recipe

Supplies for making cocktail – approximately 60 ounces

Pitcher, long spoon, cutting board, knife,

10  packets Stevia
4    cups tea
3    cups Pecan Pie Whisky
1    cup orange juice
1    cup sweet and sour mix
7    dashes bitters
1    pinch of salt


Directions for making Pecan Pie Whiskey Iced Tea:

Mix all the ingredients together in a large pitcher.  Stir in ice.  Then pour in a glass with a few cubes.  Garnish with lemon slices.  If you are making ahead, refrigerate the pitcher of iced tea then serve over ice.  If you would rather garnish with orange slices you can do that too.

I hope you enjoy the cocktail that was “crafted” in the kitchen.  If you like the idea of pecan pie iced tea they also make other flavors like blueberry cream, apple pie and other.   I look forward to trying a few more of the flavored whiskey.


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