Peacock Tutu Tutorial – DIY Halloween Costume

Peackock tutu tutorial

A peacock tutu tutorial:

Make a no sew peacock tutu for your little girl or ballerina in the making. I personally have a passion for peacocks and when my daughter said she wanted to go as a fluffy tutu dancer for halloween I knew I could surely come up a costume. I decided on the peacock. Not only I will love the costume and she will completely enjoy it. I went to search for tulle and I could not find the colors I wanted so I dyed the tulle in the colors I wanted. Cover everything and take extra precautions when you are dying.  It can get really messy.The content below may have been sponsored, contain affiliate links or free items for use. Know that this will not sway the opinion no matter what. (Even though they may want to!) This costs you nothing and helps pay for this blog's overhead. Click Diclosures to learn more.

Materials for No Sew Peackock Tutu Tutorial:

Update 2014:  Tulle is now available in most big box stores on rolls in tons of colors.  Skip the dye step and purchase them. SOOOO much quicker.

To dye the tulle for the peacock tutu:

  1. Use the colors of your choice and place it in the the hottest water available. Let is soak for at least a half hour. Rinse in cool water and hand on a line to dry.  Make sure you do it over grass or us a drop cloth to catch the drips.
  2. Cut the tulle into 6 inch strips  that are 18 inches long
  3.  Stretch the headband around a full roll of paper towels.  This will serve as your form.
  4. Tie the tulle strips on the headband holes using every other one.  On the first knot I used one layer of tulle.  Then I decided to go even fluffier and an I layered 2-3 strips of tulle together.  That is what gives you the super fluffiness.

fluffy tutu tutorial step one

The peacock tutu tutorial takes about an hour iif you are making it super fluffy.  A less fluffy tutu can be made in half the time.

Instructions for Super Fluffy Peacock Tutu :

I started with one strand of tulle for the first couple of loops and I KNEW it was not going to be super fluffy like I wanted. Ummm, like Gigi wanted. SO, I double and then I quadrupled the strands.  That is right I used 4 strands 6×18.  Going for the supper fluffiest of all tutus ever made. EVER!

I used the roll of paper towels to keep everything uniform and to hold it during the process. I could only work during naps and daddy was out of town the week I made it.  SO, this momma simply made do. Trim strands that are too long.

Tutorial for fluffy tutu

To dye the tank top, use one of the colors used to dye the tulle.  Rinse it in cool water then wash according to manufacturer directions.

no sew tutu

I will show how to make the Peacock Mardi gras style mask in another post later this week. To finish off the tutu and tank top I added a flower purchased already dyed and glittered and on clearance.

The side view of the peacock tutu.

side view of super fluffy peacock tutu

And one last peacock tutu picture for your entertainment.

super fluffy peacock tutu tutorial
super fluffy tutu peacock tutorial

Be sure to check back and learn how to make a Peacock mask Mardi Gras Style.   If you would like to make a Mermaid Tutu Tutorial click Here <—————
no sew mermaid tutu tutorial tall



39 thoughts on “Peacock Tutu Tutorial – DIY Halloween Costume

  1. Talk about fluffy! That’s the best ballerina tutu I’ve ever seen (not at all because I hate pink lol). Your daughter looks like shes having a ton of fun too

  2. love this and thinking about giving this a shot for christmas pictures not sure i understand how to double it up and make it that super fluffy but going to give it a shot

      1. I am going to buy everything today. I always love these skirts and finally had a little girl so I can’t wait to do one. I might become addicted lol

  3. This is so great. Did you do knots just around one row of the crochet headband or did you fill every row of the headband? Curious how many rolls of tulle this would take, too. Nevertheless, this is super fun and maybe what I’ll do for my niece for Christmas (I mean, ahem, what my 8-year old son who drew her name for Christmas will do for her 🙂 ).

    1. Julie, I’ve worked out the 6×18 is the hairband dimensions… 6 refers to the 2 columns of 3 spaces, then 18 sets of 2 columns – so I’d say yes, fill every space with a knot.

  4. I discovered the hair band in ROLLS like ribbon so it can be cut to size and a quick sew to make a loop. At Hobby Lobby it is in the ribbon section, and on sale when ribbon is on sale!

  5. I want to make one of these for my daughters 1st bday but I think that the standard headband will be too big for her once the knots from the tulle layers are done. Any ideas how to estimate how much I should trim off of the headband? Or maybe, what size was your daughter in when you made this (and maybe I can try to size down from that)?

    1. My daughter was a very slender size 3 in that picture. I would recommend trimming 4 inches off the length of the TULLE. I would guestimate taking off two inches of the crochet headband. If it is a little big you can pin it. This will give her growing room too. Also, I am assuming your daughter is still in a diaper and you will want to leave room.

    1. Lara,
      I purchased a few yards on the bolt initially. If I were to redo it I would purchase the precut strips on a roll. I would say 5-7 rolls.

  6. When you say knot it in 2 or 3 lagers do you mean all in one hole or layer it I. 2 or e up the headband? And you you put it all through the same home in the end or let it be where its at?

    1. I layer the material and then put it through the hole. Atfirst I tried to be really specific about which hole it went in to. Then as I went along I realized it did not matter because it is SO fluffy.

  7. I’m wanting to make this for my three girls for christmas! Your instructions say 40 yards of 6 inch tulle, but was that 40 yards off the bolt that you cut 6″ wide or 40 yards of the pre-cut stuff? Just trying to work out my budget! Thanks!

    1. Save yourself time and effort and buy the precut stuff. It is about 40 yards of the pre-cut. If you dont want them giagantiacally fluffy you can use less. Happy crafting.

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