Patriotic Decorations by Megan Maravich

Patriotic decorations do not have to be limited to simply the 4th of July.  You can make  this Uncle Sam decoration from a wood shim and some other small wood pieces.   Megan does a fantastic job in explaining how to do so.  Megan is known for her whimsical designs that have a rustic country flair.

Patriotic Uncle Sam Decoration



Supplies used

Patriotic Decorations supplies used:

DecoArt(R) Americana(R) paints in:

  • Country Red
  • Uniform Blue
  • Warm White
  • Flesh Tone.
  • DecoArt(TM) Glistening Snow-Tex(TM) for the beard.
  • paint brushes and water
  • covered work surface
  • wood shim
  • craft stick
  • sanding paper
  • hand drill
  • wire
  • wire snips
  • magnet optional

Instruction for Patriotic Decorations:

  1. Paint the shim, both stars, and the wings Warm White.  Paint hat brim and a wide band Uniform Blue. Paint Country Red stripes on the hat. The face and nose are Flesh Tone.  Allow the paint to dry and really if needed.
  2. Apply Snow-Tex(TM) with a palette knife. Allow the paint to dry and really if needed.
  3. Use craft glue to attach wings (mustache), and nose to Uncle Sam’s face. Eyes are dip dots of Black.
Americana decoration
Americana decoration


Use a hand drill to make small holes in the hat, thread wire through and twist ends to secure. Or, skip the drilling and glue a heavy-duty magnet to the back for a groovy decoration for your fridge or filing cabinet. Or move the design up, leaving less hat and more beard, and poke Uncle Sam into a potted plant for Patriotic Pizzazz!!

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