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Moms Check In (1) Being a mom and a blogger are two things that are very satisfying for me personally.  This week I am Co-hosting Moms Check In and we find out how other moms and bloggers work their magic and what they do for themselves to keep the magic flowing. So who are our Moms? Moms Check In

Amanda (@its_a_fab_life) is the mom of one boy and owns It’s a Fabulous Life, which is a one stop place for all things ‘Mom’. You can find recipes, DIY projects, frugal living, parenting and more.

Jenni (@sweetpennies) is the mom of one boy and writes at Sweet Pennies From Haven. Sweet Pennies From Heaven is a hearth and home website that focuses on recipes, crafts and creating a comfortable home.

Lindsay (@SeeMomClick) is the mom of two great kids and owner of See Mom Click. She shares great deals, Disney happenings and recipes.

Stephanie (@spaceshipsLB) is the mom of one son and owns Spaceships and Laser Beams. Spaceships and Laser Beams is a great site full of party ideas, crafts and more all with boys in mind!

This week our guest co-host is Niki from 365 Days of Crafts! 365 Days of Crafts is full of DIY inspiration for yourself and your home!

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do-for-yourself-694x1024This week we want to know, what do you for yourself each week?


Amanda – I think that taking time out for yourself is so important! It helps you to relax and be refreshed! And we all know that we are better wives, friends, and mothers when we are refreshed! 🙂 For me, I love to get out with my friends. I belong to an awesome church and we have lots of incredible small groups. Each week I meet up with two of my groups – one is a Bible study and the other is a group called Girls Night Out. We just get together and talk and hang out. A girl needs her friends! I also love to read. Running and exercise aren’t really my thing, although I’ve been trying really hard to make them more of my thing! Maybe one day, right?

Jenni-Eaves1-213x300  Jenni Okay, so I’m a big TV person. I stock up on DVR’d shows through the week and spend a part of each and every weekend just binge watching TV. Big Brother is in FULL swing now and I am addicted to Big Brother After Dark too. Then there’s Food Network, The Walking Dead (October can’t get here fast enough), Downton Abbey and so many other great shows! Nothing better than to pile up on the couch on a Saturday with a blanket, my remote and some not so healthy snacks!

LindsayHeadShot3Border-300x300 Lindsay I read! I have been known to forego a good night’s sleep in exchange for just one…more…chapter. But it’s my treat at the end of the day to crawl in bed with my Kindle and enjoy a good book. I have always loved to read and my hobby sort of fell by the wayside off and on after having kids. But lately I’ve made it a priority and really enjoy those few minutes before I doze off of solitude. Just me and my latest novel. Bliss! stephanieStephanie

Although Mike and I do the laundry, dishes, organizing and daily pick-up chores, we hired a cleaning service shortly after we were married. They come once a week to dust everything, do the floors and deep-clean the bathrooms and kitchen. It’s wonderful! There are only so many things I can do in a week — and Mike works crazy hours as well because of his shift work. At first we felt a little guilty about the decision but quickly came to realize how much it added to our overall quality of life. The hours we would have spent doing those chores on a Saturday, we spend together doing something we love.

And just for me, once a month I indulge in a facial. There are very few things I do that are only for me. When I am getting a facial, for one hour, I get to relax with no one asking anything of me. The fact that it’s really been helping my sensitive skin is a bonus.

Niki Meiners

Niki – As a mother of two (4 & 11) and a work-at-home mom finding alone time can be difficult. To guarantee my down time, we make weekly trips to the library. After the trip we go home and each member of the family has a half an hour of alone time. The 4 year old understands that even though she cannot read a book, she can look at the pictures and play make believe.

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