easy sew mixed media christmas ornaments

The colorful mixed media Christmas ornaments  are a a little bit of painting, free motion sewing, polymer and stash busting combined into a pair of awesome ornaments you can give as a gift, decorate a package or gift bag, or to decorate your own tree. The mixed media ornaments can be made by beginners too.  There really is not a right or a wrong way to make them and no two are going to look alike and that is the beauty of doing things with mixed media and free style sewing. mixed media christmas ornaments

How do you get yourself in the Christmas spirit when its beginning to look a lot like Christmas but its still 75 degrees outside here in South Georgia? By making some “cool” canvas ornaments! Painted and sewn canvas has tons of possibilities.

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Supplies for the mixed media Christmas ornaments:

Instructions for the mixed media christmas ornaments:

  1. I started with a canvas fabric sheet and burlap circles by Canvas Corp and cut two 3″ circles and two 1 1/2″ circles from the canvas sheet. Using acrylic paint, I painted swatches of color on both large circles, letting colors dry in between.
  2. The smaller circles were painted white to resemble the head of a snowman. Once the paint was dry, I layered the snowman on top of the burlap circle and sewn the edges with a straight stitch. I layered this piece on top of one of the larger painted circles and sewed in place.
  3. To create a stuffed ornament, layer circles together and sew, leaving a small opening to insert stuffing. Then sew together by machine or by hand.
  4. I used polymer clay to create a nose and  I used fluted 12 x 12 paper to create the tag.

I used polymer clay to create a nose and  I used fluted 12 x 12 paper to create the tag.

Experiment with different themes, like I did with this heart themed canvas ornament.

mixed media christmas ornaments




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