Make hand painted buttons

You can create your own hand painted style buttons using just a few supplies and your doodle skills. Don’t tell me you can’t doodle… everyone can make a line or circle or little dab with the right marker. I recently received samples of Start-Up blank shapes from ButtonsGalore.comand a selection of Marvy Uchida’s new Le Plume Permanent markers. I love both products and am excited to show you how they can work together to create these neat faux hand painted buttons.

Faux Hand Painted buttons by Jen GoodeFaux Hand Painted buttons by Jen Goode

Sometimes drawing or doodling can be a much easier task than painting. So combing these products is a great option if you are looking for adding your own personal touch without having to be a brilliant painter – especially on such a tiny surface. The Start-Ups are simply blank plastic shapes with pre-made holes so once decorated you can stitch them on to your craft or sewing projects. These shapes are designed to be colored, stamped, painted and dyed. Marvy Uchida Le Plume alcohol based markers are a fantastic drawing tool for users of all skill level. The colors blend really well on a variety of materials and the ink, once dry, is permanent.

Creating a faux hand painted look is easy with the Le Plume Permanent markers, try them out on different surfaces and let me know what you think! The Start-Ups come a wide variety of shapes from standard rectangles to specialty holiday designs.

Faux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen GoodeFaux painted buttons and bead embellished headband by Jen Goode

I created a button and bead embellished headband using these faux hand painted buttons.Read the tutorial to make your own pretty little headband.

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