Make an easy unicorn costume from leggings and a hoodie

unicorn costume DIY
Make an easy unicorn costume from leggings and a hoodie and fulfill your child’s fantastical dream of being a unicorn.  A unicorn is a fun and magical costume that’s perfect for dress up, birthday parties, Halloween or even every day because the hoodie can be worn without the rest of the costume.  The tail and cuffs are removable so the leggings can go back into the drawer and be worn as usual.  When the jacket is worn on regular day be ready to get lots of compliments and questions on how you made it.  We are stopped almost every time she wears the hoodie part of the unicorn costume.

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Supplies for the diy unicorn costume:

* OlyFun can also be found at HobbyLobby and Joann’s in the fabric section. 

Instructions for DIY unicorn costume:

  1. Fold a piece of Olyfun in half and glue with almost any glue.  Don’t get it on the metallic side as it might remove the coloring. 
  2. Cut the fabric into one in strips and sew the pieces of fabric on the top of the hood.  
  3. Cut the strips into smaller strips using a pair of strong scissors.  I use my utility scissors because of the thick material and because there is a layer of glue in it.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for several layers of the Bubble Gum Pink OlyFun.  The more layers the fluffier it will be.  My daughter likes everything super fluffy so I am always adding more layers than really needed.
  5. To make the cuffs fold layers of the Olyfun over a string or a strip of Olyfun.  Sew along the edge. Then cut strips  to make it look like fringe.  I tied these on her ankles and wrists so that the jacket and leggings could be worn again.
  6. To make the unicorn horn print this unicorn horn pattern.  I made a horn on a headband for her  Rainbow Unicorn birthday party last year.
  7. Cut and sew the horn then stuff with Polyfil.  Leave a little space so you can attach it to the hoodie.  I hot glued it on, then hand stitched to make sure it was extra secure.

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