Make a Diy Bangle

pink black and white diy bangle

Diy Bangle

Making a decorated bangle is a favorite activity of mine.  Most often, I make them as gifts.  I have fun playing with cool color combinations that I think will appeal to the recipient.  This one was made for a trade show in Australia.   I have never been there but I imagine Australians to be extra cool and hip.  It might have something to do wit their awesome accent and all the fabulous crafters I see from their and the fact that KaiserCraft is one of my favorites and they are from there.    But enough about that.  The material list is below.

Materials for wood Diy bangle bracelet:

  • DIY Bangle
  • Clearsnap Ink
  • Clearsnap Design Adhesives
  • White Embossing Powder
  • Vanilla Smooch Spritz and
  • Marvy Uchida heat gun to set the heat embossing.

Instructions for wood Diy bangle bracelet:

  1. Wipe down the eagle bracelet and sand any rough edges if needed.
  2. Paint the wood bangle with the ink and smooch. Allow the paint to dry.
  3. Heat set the paint.  Be careful and watch your fingers.  I use tongs.
  4. Sand if needed and reapply paint and het set again if needed.
  5. Apply the Design Adhesive. Press firmly on the design before you remove it and sprinkle on embossing powder.  Tap the bangle to remove excess.
  6. Use tongs and use heating tool to melt and set the embossing powder.  Allow the bangle to cool
  7. Apply a clear coat to protect the design if desired. I recommend doing this as it will protect the design elect on the bangle.


You will find bunches of bangle ideas.  I truly love making them and each one is unique.  If you like making jewelry you might want to follow our Jewelry board on Pinterest.   Not only do we pin our latest projects but we pin others that inspire us.

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