Glitzy Glam Necklace

Glitzy Glam Necklace Glitz & Glam NecklaceCreate some shimmer in your wardrobe with this Glitzy Glam necklace and the easy to follow instructions written below.

Materials for the Glitzy Glam Necklace:

  • Cousin Corporation of America: Silver Chain, 20” length; Gold Mix Glass Beads: 6mm, 8mm, 12mm; Crystazzi beads: 8mm Aqua Round, 8mm Indicolite Round, 4-6mm Aqua and Indicolite Bicone Mix
  • Cousin Corporation of America, findings: Hammered Toggle Clasp; Bits and Pieces: Silver Findings: 2” Head Pins with Silver Ball, 2mm Crimp Beads, Jump Rings, Silver-lined Bead; Teal and Bronze Mix


  • Cousin Corporation of America: Precision Comfort Round Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters

Directions for the Glitzy Glam Necklace:


  • Use pliers to open two jump rings; attach toggle pieces to silver chain on each end. Close jump rings.


  • Find center of necklace for center dangle placement. Create center headpin by adding beads in desired pattern for 1-3/4”. Form loop at end of headpin; attach loop to center of necklace chain. Close loop.


  • Thread next two headpins in same manner, reducing size of beaded area on headpins by 1/8”. Use wire cutters to trim headpin. Repeat process until all headpins are beaded.


  • Form loops on end of beaded headpins; attach to necklace chain from center dangle outward. Repeat process, mirroring attachments, for other side of necklace. Attach two beaded dangles per chain link.


  • Use two pairs of jewelry pliers when creating loops. Hold headpin with one pair of pliers and use second pair to grasp end of headpin and curl into beaded loop.Enjoy your newly created Glitzy Glam Necklace while celebrating the holiday season.

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