Form Folding Jewelry

Whenever I find I am just mojoless or in a rut I usually end up teaching myself a new skill. Well, I stumbled upon an AWESOME metalsmithing technique called Fold Forming developed by Charlest Lewton – Brain in the 1980’s…I just found it this week  and fell in love it!! This site, Brain Press, has TONS of info if you’d like to see and understand how it’s done.

I decided to go find some copper to work on today. And here’s my first project. It’s not “Over the Top” amazing or anything but I love it! 🙂 I have a second project in the works and a plan to work on some Sterling Silver that I have in the studio either later tonight or early tomorrow morning…


This is the pendant before I applied a black patina. I like it but it was “too shiny” so I decided to add some contrast by using a black patina.

2-10-12 First Form Folded Piece Prior to Patina - Keri Lee Sereika


And here’s the same piece just after I applied a bit of black patina to the top surface. Pretty neat change isn’t it? I like how it really brought out the contrast in the textures on here.

2-10-12 First Form Folded Piece After Patina - Keri Lee Sereika


Now, I only have one style hammer so I can’t get all the textures I would like right now but as I start to build my tool inventory I will be interested to see how this changes the look of the pieces I am making. This pendant is approximately 1 1/2″ x 4″. My second project is more oval/round in style and just about the size of  the bottom of a muffin pan I would guess…I will be sure to post pics of that one once I get it done. 🙂 I am thinking that I may just start an Etsy store and sell these nifty things…my question is this, would you buy one? Would you wear one? Thoughts?


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