Faux Faberge Eggs

I had a recent project come up where I was asked to make a faux faberge egg. I wasn’t really asked to make it as much as I was asked to incorporate an image of one into another design. I don’t own any of these fancy eggs and I had no idea where I could get a hold of one to borrow for a photo opp, so I decided I’d try to make one.

faux faberge eggs by Jen Goode

It’s definitely a project requiring some time and patience but the result can be brilliant.

Materials for making a detailed faux faberge egg:

  • Plastic Easter egg
  • Decoart craft paint
  • Thin gold cord
  • Alene’s clear gel glue
  • Triple thick brush on glaze
  • Various gems and gold bead embellishments

I blotted a couple shades of blue and lavender over a blue plastic egg to add a little extra dimension and texture to the surface. The toughest part about making the faberge egg look genuine is measuring to get the lines layed out correctly. I used cord that I taped into place to determine where everything would lay out and then I carefully glue each intersection. Once all the glue dried I glued a small gem or gold bead in place. To finish the look, I used Triple thick making sure to cover the cording entirely so it not only stayed in place but also creates a nice thick coat to resemble a clear enamel.

making faux faberge eggs

I tried a couple different methods for making my eggs. Another faux feberge egg project I worked on used just the plastic Easter egg and a bunch of self-stick gems and beads. This method is much quicker and the result is a pretty decorated egg.

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