fast painted planters for mother’s day

Fast painted planters for Mother’s day filled with succulents make a quick, easy and colorful gift for mom.  They also make nice end of the year teacher gifts.  Succulents are a nice filler plant because they are easy to maintain and are really trendy right now too.  And any gift you give should be easy to take care of and not require a lot of effort.  My husband gave me an orchid one year because he knows I love to go to the conservatory and photograph them.  Little did he know about how much love and attention they need.  Seriously they are a beautiful plant but ever so high maintenance.  I tried the once a week ice cube method and managed to keep it alive for a few months.  Then it died a slow painful death with over and under watering.   He felt bad for it and for the purchase.

This year I needed a bunch of teacher gifts and a Mother’s day gift.  So I thought I would make a batch of planters to give.  I like doing a bunch of similar things at once because it makes me feel really productive.  The planters were from a left over project I did for Oriental Trading Company and the paint was in a sample I received from a trade show I attended.  The only thing I had to purchase was  the dirt and the plants.  I picked them up from Home Depot but you can find them at many stores. The succulents  were in a 4 pack for $4 and I thought that was a great price.

painted planters for a quick DIY gift idea

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Supplies for fast painted planters:

  1. flower pots 
  2. Color Shift Paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Gold paint
  5. Succulents (you can find them at a local store but just in case)
  6. Succulent Soil

Directions for fast painted planters.

  1. Base coat the planters and allow to dry.  You should not need to sand in-between coats.  Allow the paint to dry and repeat as many times as you need to get  solid coverage. 
  2. Add gold paint to the base of the flower-pot and allow to dry. You should not need to sand in-between coats.  Allow the paint to dry and repeat as many times as you need to get  solid coverage.
  3. Fill the planter with soil and add a plant into the pot.  Sprint with water and add a few rocks from outside to the planter if you want.  

Give the planter to the lucky gift recipient.  If they are not plant people explain how to take care of a succulent.  If you are looking for other easy gift ideas try these DIY Spa Gift Set, Dry Brushed Flower Pot DIY,  DIY Moroccan Bangles

painted planters

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