Fairhaven Lane

Fairhaven Ln – a DIY home decor adventure

Welcome to Fair haven lane.  Thank you for joining us on this DIY home decor adventure.  Join my family as we embark on a new chapter in our lives.  We are moving from Coastal North Carolina to Cincinnati, Ohio to our new home on Fairhaven Lane.  We hope this is our forever home and plan on giving it a redo to fit our fancy.  We are not sure what that is.  It might be a little combination of  DIY home decor ranging from shabby chic, rustic chic, French country Chic and global chic.  We are going to bring you lots of pictures of projects that you can recreate in your home with our step by step tutorials.  So please stop by frequently and see what we are up to.   We will also continue to bring you the crafts that you have grown to expect and we might even through in  some crafting in the kitchen and venture out to our back yard and make a little attempt at gardening.

A  little bit about the character in this adventure:

Gary – the patriarch and Aeronautical Engineer who is a reserved kind a guy until you get him on the dance floor, then watch out.

Niki- the adventurous matriarch and self taught artista.

Maxx – the eldest child is a ginger who loves minecraft and all things related to the game.

Gigi- the terrific toddler tornado, the master of disaster,  and the mistress of mayhem.

Nana – making an occasional guest appearance is the mom of Niki.  You would never know by looks.

Emily – the spirited younger sister.

Cami – the furry little Keeshond who leaves remnants of herself where ever she goes.