Egg Craft Eggstavaganza – Needle Felted Sugar Eggs

Needle felted sugared  egg - hyacinth
Needle felted sugared egg - hyacinth
Do you remember getting sugared eggs in your Easter basket as a kid?  I sure do.  My grandmother used to give us one.  They always looked so much prettier than they tasted.  I look back now and wonder why I tried to eat them?   Even when I knew they were kind of yucky.   There was one that I did keep for a few years, but eventually it crumbled.  You can easily recreate the look of  Sugared Eggs with Decadent Fiber.  They sell kits for them and many other really cool felted items.  A link to their site is HERE.  Don’t forget to leave a comment on one of the Easter Egg Craft Eggstavaganza posts.  Starting with this one and going until 4-4.2011.


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