DIY Space girl costume on the cheap

I have a princess girl in the family but I’ve been excited to find an excuse to make a robot or space related costume.  So I made a space girl dress, a jet pack and called it fancy. This costume doesn’t take much time to make and all the supplies are easy to find house hold items. We couldn’t decide on shoes, so this space girl is traveling the universe barefoot! (Saves on purchasing space rocket boots, right?)

space girl dress costume

Here’s how to make your own space girl costume:

Materials you need:

Note: Over the summer I saw hoola hoops at Dollar Tree in 3 different sizes. If you can find one that is cheap, grab it, otherwise, using wire hangers works just great!

Also, I used a Force Flex lawn bag which is out I got the cool ripples in the dress… it’s just the texture the bags have already.


  • Capri sun box for jet pack
  • Large apple juice bottle for trick-or-treat bucket

space girl costume

How to make a space girl dress costume:

  1. Using the spray paint, spray both sides of the trash bag and let dry overnight. I used a clippy hanger to hang the bag up and spray easier.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the bag. How much you want to cut off will depend on how long you want the dress to be. I cut off about 4″ for this specific costume.
  3. Using the drawstring ties of the trash bag determine where the front and back of the dress is; one side of the drawstring is the front, the other side is the back. At the front, cut the draw string, pull tight, tie in a knot and trim excess. The back tie will be your tie closure for the dress.
  4. Unbend both wire hangers and create a half circle out of wach. Attach the hangers together at either end to create a full circle buy twisting the ends. Don’t worry too much how it looks, it will be covered.
  5. Attach the wire circle to the inside bottom of the trash bag by using duct tape around the entire edge. Test out the sizing before you tape everything in place. If the circle is too big, adjust it now.
  6. Cut an arm hole on each side just below the trash bag tie. Use duct tape around the edge of each arm hole to strengthen the hole.
  7. That’s it! To put the dress on, either loosen the neck tie (in the back) and step into the dress of put the dress on over your head. Tie the drawstring in the back until the neck fits comfortably.

Make accessories using remaining paint and duct tape.

Hair pieces are made of duct tape only.

space girl costume hair bow

Jetpack is a Capri Sun box that was spray painted and then duct tape was added for straps and embellishments.

space girl costume jet pack

Trick-or-treat bucket is a large apple juice bottle. I cut off the top, spray painted the outside and used duct tape to create a handle.

space girl trick-or-treat bucket

Notes: I did try a less expensive spray paint, but it flaked off the plastic bag. Make sure you use the plastic Fusion paint. To make handles or straps with duct tape, make sure to tape all the way around the object so the handles/straps hold under pressure.

I think it would be really fun to attach some battery lights to the inside of this dress, bucket and the jetpack!

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