DIY Sunset Dip Dye shirt with Rit Dye

Dip Dye Shirt

Create this colorful DIY Sunset Dip Dye shirt with Rit Dye.  Make  a colorful shirt with a few simple steps and give your kids colorful clothes that are as unique as they are.  Dying is fun and easy to do with liquid dye. I like to make several items out of the same bottle. Making my $$ go further and helping to coordinate clothes. Without everything looking the same.  No two dyed items ever look the same.












I started with a white shirt found on the clearance rack at Target. $3.66 or something close to that. Not a bad deal. I picked up two of them. I dyed the other one in candycorn colors. Look for it to appear on the blog soon.












Directions to make the Dip Dye shirt:

I heated my water and dye on the stove. Soak the shirt in water before dipping into the dye. Then dipped the top portion in one color and the bottom portion in another. Squeeze out the excess before dipping in other colors. Next I poured the middle color on from a squirt bottle.
















To purchase the dye for your dip dye sunset shirt you can get it at almost any big box store, grocery store in the laundry isle or go to


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